Feet First Friday! Terry’s Belly Bike Park Wales!

Back in August we took a trip to the UK to race at the Malverns classic. On that trip we made sure to include a visit to Bike Park Wales for a day.

We have seen the videos and heard the stories about Bike Park Wales. It was amazing to actually go there. After a monster of a climb as the uplift service wouldn’t be possible with my handbike we got to the trail head. Then it was time to drop in.

I started off slow as this was the first time down this trail. It took a bit of going to get to a decent speed. The flow started to come pretty easily after that. The trail itself was a mixture of lose gravel in places with some bumpy bits. My bike was barely fitting through some parts!

If you are an adaptive MTBer and are having some doubts about Terry’s Belly on your bike check out the video. It is possible and it is great fun!

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