Tetris full speed run!

One of the coolest trails in the Baunreagh network has to be Tetris. This little section is just shy of a kilometer long and only drops 50 meters of altitude over that distance. Don’t let that fool you into thinking its not fast. It’s a blue flow trail with some small jumps and plenty of berms to keep you moving quickly. It starts at the fire road at the end of the Return of the Jedi trail and immediately is a challenge for a handbike. The trail is narrow with an embankment to your right and trees on the left. It takes a bit of precision to get the handbike through but then it opens up with some berms and rollers that help build momentum. Then you enter a wooded section where the trail snakes around trees with longer corners and berms. This part of the trail is my favorite as it has two small jumps that immediately run into left hand turns, the trick is to be able to slow enough on landing to rail those instead of going over the top of them.

The trail continues down through some young forest with more berms and you can get a good speed up before it tails out at the end running onto the fire road leading back to the trailhead. Average time for going down this trail according to Trailforks is 2.23. I think we got close to that! Not bad for a handbike!

It’s definitely not the most technical or difficult trail but it is super fast and will have you grinning by the end! Awesome.

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