Feet First Friday! Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a nice little blast that runs through a section of woods which connects the Drop and Roll trail and the Nature Valley trail. It is located on the Kinnitty trail Network on the Offaly side of the Slieve Blooms. It has plenty of undulations which when first attempted on a handbike slow you down a bit. getting a few runs at it helps you to understand the cadence of them and then be able to use them to speed up! There is also a few decent sized drops that will catch the bottom of your frame. The trick is to approach them with decent speed which will keep the front wheel in the air long enough to pass over the edge without incident. You have to be careful though as the trail falls away a lot to the right with a few ravines and holes waiting if you get it wrong. Nailing this trail is very rewarding on a handbike as it requires a bit of technical capability to navigate the drops. Happy Biking everyone! Stay Safe!

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