Feet First Friday! Twist and Shout!

Twist and Shout, an excellent trail situated on the Kinnitty trail network in the Slieve Blooms. This trail is on the red mountain top route. There’s approximately 3 km of climbing on fire-roads to get to this one but it is totally worth it. Check out the video for the full lowdown!

The trail starts out with a couple of tight berms that need a little care to get through on a handbike, then it opens out into larger berms where a decent amount of speed can be generated. There’s lots of small rollers in the straight sections between the berms and they can undulate left and right.

After the last section of berms on the open part of the trail theres triple that can get the bike into the air. It needs to be approached with a decent pace but not too fast or its gonna be trouble.

Then its onto the forest section. The trail snakes its way through trees with plenty of opportunity to get a bit of speed up! A bit of care though as theres a couple of tight turns and chicanes that if approached with too much speed you’re gonna go over the side of the trail.

There’s a short climb out of the forest onto the fire road which leads you to the next ascent on the loop. It’s a great flowy trail and rewards speed but can be sketchy if not ridden with care. Until next time, see you on the trails!

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